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Substitution Table

Most substitute ingredient suggestions are taken from the very wonderful website, The Cook's Thesaurus.

Chinese chiveA flat-leaved chive with a garlicky flavor. ☼ substitute garlic shoots OR chives (not as pungent as Chinese chives) OR flowering chives

Daikon radishA large, mild white radish, popular in East Asian cuisine; often as long as a human forearm. ☼ substitute young turnip (for pickling) OR radish (not as hot) OR black radish (much more pungent) OR pickled ginger (as a garnish) OR parsnips (in soups or stews) OR turnips (in soups or stews)

LardYes, they cook with it. And here you thought Japanese cuisine was healthy. ☼ substitute butter or clarified butter or olive oil

MirinA sweet rice liquor, often used in cooking. ☼ substitute 1 tablespoon dry sherry + ½ teaspoon sugar OR sherry OR heat two parts sake and one part sugar OR white wine + sugar to taste OR white wine

☼ PankoVery fine, dry breadcrumbs, usually sold by the bag in supermarkets. ☼ substitute ordinary breadcrumbs, broken up extra-fine

SakeBasic Japanese rice wine. ☼ substitute dry vermouth OR white wine OR dry sherry

ShōchūAn earthy rice liquor, often used in cocktails. ☼ substitute dry sherry OR sake OR white wine