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About The Site

Welcome to Beyond Sushi, an online collection of authentic Japanese recipes!

Why "Beyond Sushi"? What's the point of this site?

Funny you should ask that! There are two points, as a matter of fact.

The first is to spread awareness of "real" Japanese cooking. The popularity of Japanese cuisine has multiplied wildly over the last thirty or forty years, spreading to nearly every corner of the English-speaking world. Yet despite its international appeal, most Westerners have a very limited experience of Japanese food.

If you were asked to name your favorite Japanese food, what would you say? Sushi? Teriyaki chicken? Ramen noodles? Tempura? Sukiyaki, o-nabe, or o-konomiyaki? The fact is, although these foods are all absolutely delicious, none of them are very easy to make at home.** And none of them are regularly eaten by typical Japanese families in their own homes. Most of what we know as "Japanese food" is in fact the kind of stuff served at restaurants by professionals.

So, what do Japanese people eat? That's a good question, with as many answers as there are Japanese people, and the recipes on this site can hopefully at least begin to answer it. Each one of them is a real, ordinary Japanese dish, the kind that real, ordinary Japanese families eat every day. Most of them are meant to be cut up small for easy chopstick use and served with a bowl of sticky white rice on the side. All of them are meant to be satisfying, well-seasoned, and tasty. And, really, I think anybody could get behind a list of criteria like that. Don't you?

The second reason is more personal. I'm a graduate student of translation at the moment, and the recipes on this site are a way for me to practice and hone my skills. I have an interest in Japanese food and cooking, and recipes make for short-and-snappy source documents, so I can easily fit in a few of them per week between homework assignments and studying.

Since I am a busy student, for now I'm going to set myself a minimum of one recipe per week, and try to surpass it. The dates may be scattered all across the calendar at first, but I'll try to stay more or less in the neighborhood of the date of posting, unless a recipe seems really nifty. Anyway, all recipes will be categorized in order of date here.

Who runs the site? Who does the translations?

That would be me. For more on that subject, look here.

When should I make these recipes? Do I have to stick to the dates listed?

That's totally up to you! As the original publisher said on the jacket copy, (y)ou can choose the recipe that goes with today's date, or flip to any date that strikes your fancy!

What can I do as a reader, besides making the recipes posted here?

Several things! You could friend this journal, so that you'll get updates when I post new recipes. You could leave comments on the recipes you've tried, to review the results for other readers or give tips you've discovered on how to make them turn out just right. You could even take a photo of the finished dish and email it to me, or post a link in the comments, so that I can add it at the top of the page for that recipe! Thanks to the interactive nature of LiveJournal, this "book" is your playground.

How can I buy a copy of this book?

For information about the original Japanese cookbook being translated on this journal, including how to buy your own copy, see here.

** Yes, that includes ramen. Please believe me as a former resident of the birthplace of miso ramen noodles, Hokkaido, when I say that although plenty of Japanese people love it, too, this is not ramen. This is ramen.