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About The Book

☼ Where did you find these recipes?

The recipes on this site are all English-language translations of the 365 recipes found in 迷ったら、今日の日付を見て作る今日の夕ごはん365日, or, directly translated, When You Can't Decide, Look Up Today's Date And Make It! 365 Days Of Daily Dinners, by Kim Akan, a prolific writer of cookbooks.

☼ Why this cookbook, of any you could have picked?

My reasons are short and sweet - a digital copy of 365 Days Of Daily Dinners was included as one of the special features on my new electronic JE dictionary.

The recipes are simple and easy to make, and very much the sort of thing that Japanese people love to eat on a daily basis, so...why not?

☼ I want a copy of this book! Where can I buy it?

The book is available here on Amazon Japan, with a blurb that reads as follows:

Have you ever been brought up short by the question, "What are we having tonight?" The person asking is worried about the evening's menu, of course, but so is the person being asked! This book is a collection of recipes meant to help you out with your daily cooking, so that "you'll never wonder what to make again!" Classic dishes that go well with white rice are listed out in order from New Year's Day to New Year's Eve. You can choose the recipe that goes with today's date, or flip to any date that strikes your fancy. Each is quick and easy to make, using ingredients that can be purchased anywhere**, anytime. Hints for side dishes and/or soups are also included with every recipe. They all go well with beer and o-sake, so any one dish can be enjoyed by the whole family! Includes a super-convenient "Ingredient and Cooking Method Index" to help you quickly find recipes to make with whatever you have in the fridge or found on sale at the supermarket!

It is, of course, only available in Japanese. If you read Japanese, please consider supporting Ms. Ayan and Shogakukan Press and buying a copy! If you can't read Japanese...well, that's what this site is for!

☼ Are you the official translator? Do you have a contract with Shogakukan?

Nope, and nope. There is no official translator for this work. It is exclusively published in Japanese at this time. I have no affiliation with Ms. Ayan or with Shogakukan Press, and this is an unauthorized translation being uploaded under the U.S. non-profit Fair Use laws.

Therefore, if Shogakukan ever decides to publish 365 Days in English, I will be doing the sporting thing and taking this site down faster than you can say aa, kiechatta!  (Unless, of course, they contact me to request that I translate it, in which case things might be a little more negotiable. But, still, I doubt it.)

Nothing written on this website was published, checked, or approved by Shogakukan, and I and I alone am responsible for the content posted here. In other words, if I someday screw up and translate 醤油 as "cyanide" instead of "soy sauce", you'll be sending your lawyers after me, not them.

** anywhere: n. Any supermarket or grocer's within the nation of Japan. Residents of other countries, depending on their location, may need to hoof it to the nearest import market, order ingredients online, or simply refer to our handy-dandy ingredient substitution chart.