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About The Translator

Where to start? In 1985, I narrowly avoided being born in a speeding car in North Carolina, but my family migrated to Washington State a year later and the rainy weather of the Puget Sound has long since washed the last traces of tar off my heels. I consider myself a native webfoot and am rarely happier anywhere than while gunkholing in the San Juan Islands.

At the moment of this posting, I'm a twenty-something amateur writer and student of Japanese→English translation at the Monterey Institute of International Studies in Monterey, CA, but all of that (except for the location of MIIS) is likely to be subject to change over the next few years. I'll keep you posted.

I'm an avid baker and a less avid, but competent, cook, and I make it a personal rule to try any foodstuff that is offered to me at least once, with the personal exceptions of food containing fungus, eyeballs larger than a blueberry, or sexual fluids. However, I make no promises about a second try. Thanks to this creed, I have so far ingested such delicacies as honeyed insects, blood soup, raw liver, barbecued sheep intestines, crispy frog, and more parts of a duck than I ever knew could legally appear on a menu. I promise that none of those ingredients will ever appear on this site.

As for personal interests, I'm a voracious bibliophile with eclectic taste, and a devoted fan of domestic felines, dancing, bizarre humor, video games (especially retro console games), sesquipedalian vocabulary, and animation of every stripe. I served three years as a JET in Uryu Prefecture, Hokkaido - for more about that, check out my personal LJ, tobu_ishi.

I make no money from this website and never will, unless Shogakukan contacts me with a publishing offer; but if you ever feel like informally gifting me with chocolate, I'm just an email away.

☼ korpokkuru (at) gmail (dot) com ☼